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Critical Settings So Hackers Can’t Access Your Bank Accounts

Three Tips to Protect your Private Digital Data

How can you protect your digital data privacy and your online foot print? It’s been stated that as much as 50% of ALL consumers have had their data compromised online in one way or another. So, what can you do to prevent this from happening to you? Here’s Three Tips To Protect Your Private Information* …

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What happens to your data should you die?

Estate planning has gotten a bit more complicated, so I recently made this mental update: Have a will: Check. Have a durable power of attorney: Check Have a health care power of attorney: Check What about all of digital stuff, like photos, Facebook page, Twitter account? Uh-oh. I bet I’m like many of you in …

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Avoid the Dangers of “Smishing”

A new form of scamming may be headed for your smartphone—are you protected? Chances are you’ve got security software on your PC to protect your emails against “phishing”— fraudulent messages that attempt to get you to reveal sensitive information such as account numbers and passwords. But now there’s a new venue for these types of …

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Beware of the New EMV Chip Card Scam!

DENVER – Just three days after the deadline for businesses to install new smart chip credit card readers, scammers have already found a new way to target you and your money. The scammers are trying to capitalize on the millions who haven’t received a chip card yet. For every two chip cards in circulation in …

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A Cybersecurity Threat That Could Be Lurking On Your SmartPhone

(Click Image above to activate video.) Gary Miliefsky, SnoopWall CEO, and founding member of the US Department of Homeland Security announces a privacy breach posed by smartphone flashlight apps. Miliefsky has advised two White House Administrations on Cybersecurity. He was scheduled to join us on set for Special Report, but we had to make room …

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Malicious Virus holds your Personal Files hostage.

Hackers have found a new way to lock your computer, controlling everything on it, until you pay a ransom. The FBI is calling this one of the most sophisticated computer viruses ever. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports: Credit: NBC News – June 17, 2014

Thar’s gold in them there computers!

CPU Gold Content Gold CPU Recycling Yields And Values. Did you know that there is gold in many old CPU’s (central processing units or chips) of old crappy computers? Did you also know that many people don’t know about this or even care? This opens a big opportunity for canny gold investors to acquire a …

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Beware of the New Fake FBI Ransonware!

A crime wave of malware that demands money from victims to avoid prosecution by the FBI has been alarming web surfers across America. Victims suddenly find their computer frozen, and an official-looking page, like the one shown below, is displayed in their web browser. The FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) have received …

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Has your Email/Password been Compromised?

It’s a security breach at Yahoo—a big one. A hacker group known as D33D Company has claimed responsibility for stealing more than 450,000 Yahoo e-mail addresses and passwords and leaking them on the Internet. It’s definitely a risk for identity theft, you know people online shop a lot and you have your credit cards out …

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