Has your Email/Password been Compromised?

It’s a security breach at Yahoo—a big one. A hacker group known as D33D Company has claimed responsibility for stealing more than 450,000 Yahoo e-mail addresses and passwords and leaking them on the Internet. It’s definitely a risk for identity theft, you know people online shop a lot and you have your credit cards out there.

In a statement, Yahoo says just a small fraction of the stolen passwords were valid – because they came from an “old file.” Still, while yahoo works to patch its security hole, there’s a way to figure out if yours was some of the info stolen.

Just go to this website, www.shouldichangemypassword.com and plug in your e-mail address. They promise not to store your info–but they will let you know if you’ve been breached and advise you to change your password right away.

Story Credit: KGET-TV 7/13/2012 10:48:47 PM ET