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ON-Time Repairs

Don’t be fooled by Uncredentialed, Unlicensed and Inexperienced, Phony Computer Doctors!

Lately, there has been a rash of new individuals around Bakersfield calling themselves so-called Computer Doctors. Remember, Mardo has over 27 years of business experience and is the ORIGINAL Physician of Computers in the                                                                              Bakersfield Area. Don’t trust your computer to just any QUACK!

Two Important Questions to ask “YOUR” Computer Technician!

  1. Is your tech Certified?
  2. Is your tech Licensed?

Mardo’s is certified AND licensed for your peace of mind!

Not only is it important that your tech be qualified, but you want to be assured that he/she has all of the proper credentials and certifications. Equally important is the simple, but often overlooked detail of licensing. Mardo’s is licensed with both the City of Bakersfield (For my Fairfield Bay customers, they have no such license).  This keeps the playing field fair for all involved. We don’t cut corners when it comes to licenses. We are Dell Certified, Microsoft Trained, and carry the CompTia A+ Certification. And most importantly, we carry the same and/or similar credentials as the “big boys’ of the Big-Box Stores. (Mardo will gladly show you these certifications IN PERSON upon request.)

Know Your Tech!

Mardo prides himself in knowing not only the customer’s PCs and network, but also the applications and programs they use. Also, you can rest assured that the tech that repairs the PC today will be that same tech who shows up the next time.

At less than half the cost of the superstore repair price, and with over 27 years of business experience, Mardo’s customers are pleased to know their computer will be repaired properly “the first time” and at a reasonable price. Mardo’s wants your business and is not about to jeopardize the trust his customers have placed in him.

Next Time, Call Mardo and Relax!

Bakersfield Area: (661) 588-8862

Fairfield Bay Area: (501) 388-0930