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The following article appeared on MSNBC. COM. Read through it and educate yourself on these rogue programs. It might just save you a visit from ‘the doctor’. Give me your money, or your computer gets it Posted: Friday, January 29 2010 at 06:00 am CT by Bob Sullivan Turning hijacked computers into cash is still …

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Free Computer Tips From Mardo

It’s the small things that can sometimes be the most frustrating.  Often times, the issue is not technical, but simply something you you’ve never dealt with before, and you just need a quick answer.  It is kind of like if you were to plant a flower for the first time and no one had ever told you …

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Mardo guarantees quality work!  You will experience worry-free assistence knowing Mardo is licensed by the city AND state, insured and certified.  Here are just a few of Mardo’s qualifications !      Mardo is A+ certified, Dell certified, Microsoft trained and specializes in networks for home or business.     Software  Includes . . . . . . …

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