Do You Really ‘LIKE” That FB Post?

Typical Facebook experience:

You are scrolling through the day’s posts. You see that your friend ‘liked’ a post* about a child who has is fighting cancer.

You know the post I am speaking of… you see a picture of a child who has cancer, looking all sad and forlorn. The attached messages says,


Unless you are heartless, your heart hurts for this little child and your first impulse it to ‘like’ this picture and ‘share’ it too. If you do, you just did the same thing your friend did and it will now show up on YOUR friend’s page saying that YOU ‘liked’ it.

Or perhaps, you see that your friend ‘shared’ a post of a religious nature such as:


You, if you are like most people, don’t want to scroll past without ‘liking’ the post or ‘sharing’, because you support religion or maybe perhaps out of guilt. Either way, you end up clicking ‘like’.

Be careful when clicking ‘Like’ or “Share” on those pictures of dismembered babies, images of a child who has cancer, and yes, even some of those religious posts. You may get more than you bargained for.

So, you say, “Big deal, so what?”

The big deal is once you click ‘like’ or ‘share’ you then are following that page. Once that page becomes followed by a large following, the page name changes and become an advertiser’s paradise -free advertising without paying advertiser’s fees.

It all has to do with ‘content marketing’ and the sole purpose of these pages are to get you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ their posts and their page.


Page Farmers use these ‘heart string tugging’ images to get you to “like’ their posts. And once you ‘like’ their page, you have now become a follower of that page and will start to see these posts show up more frequently on your page.

Remember that post where you must choose between Jesus and Satan? The host of that page shares inappropriate content on his page too. Take a look at some of his content – most post are related to a woman’s breast size, etc. His main purpose isn’t to promote religion, but just to get ‘likes’.


This is the same person who asked you to choose between Jesus and Satan.

Remember, these posts are geared to get you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ them.

How do you protect yourself?

Before you ‘like” or ‘share’ a post or a page, do a little research. Click on the main page of the person posting the picture and look to see what else they are posting. Chances are, you’ll find some inappropriate content and has little or nothing to do with children who need a ‘like’ or of a religious nature. More times than not, the person is hosted by a marketing group whose main goal is to get you to ‘like’ or ‘share’ that post or page. And sometimes, as in my examples, they are simply hosted by an immature juvenile.

Bottom line, if you truly ‘like’ something, make sure you really like it!

Happy Facebooking!

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* All images taken from public posts from Facebook on Oct. 6th, 2015.

© Mardo 2015